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with two glasses of house wine OR a pint of Budweiser OR sodas/water

(served between 12 noon and 3 pm Saturday to Thursday)


Choose between:


Greek salad
(Diced cucumber, tomato, lettuce with black olives & feta cheese)
Caesar salad
(Romaine lettuce with creamy caesar dressing)
Jarjer salad with sundried tomatoes and pine nuts
(Tangy jarjer leaves with strips of sundried tomato & roasted pine nuts)
Three lettuce salad with strawberry vinaigrette
(Frisee, radicchio & lollo rosso lettuce with strawberry balsamic dressing)
Egg and mayo salad



(Please choose your preference of toasted/plain white or brown bread)
Chicken & avocado
(Sliced chicken & avocado with iceberg lettuce)
Tuna & sweet corn
(Tuna flakes & sweet corn with shredded lettuce & mayonnaise)
Cheddar cheese & branston pickle
(Shredded cheddar cheese with branston pickle)
Bacon, lettuce & tomato
(Grilled bacon, sliced tomato & romaine lettuce)
Ham & Mustard
(Honey roasted ham slices with english mustard)


(All wraps in fibre bread)
Smoked salmon & cream cheese
(Philadelphia cheese spread layered with smoked salmon)
Chicken tikka wrap
(Grilled chicken tikka with vegetables & mint chutney)
Falafel and tahini
(Deep fried chickpeas patties, labneh, lettuce and tahini sauce)




Beef burger and french fries
Salmon fish burger and potato wedges
Fish and Chips
Scalloped potatoes, leek and bacon mornay
Grilled chicken breast with fries
Skewers of beef, chicken and shrimps with potato wedges